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What is the Difference Between Traditional Printing and UV Printing?

Traditional printing and UV printing are two different technical methods, which are significantly different in process, technical characteristics and drying methods.

First, conventional printing is a technology that utilizes processes such as plate making, ink application and pressurization to transfer ink to the surface of materials such as paper, fabrics, plastics and leather. In this way, batch reproduction of the original content becomes possible.


In contrast, UV printing is a printing process in which ink is dried and cured by ultraviolet light. In UV printing, it is necessary to use inks containing photosensitizers, and it is sufficient to use them in conjunction with UV curing lamps.


Secondly, the technology of conventional printing is characterized by the application of other special inks in addition to conventional inks, such as anti-counterfeiting inks, metal printing inks, conductive inks and so on. The way these special inks are used almost all belong to the category of special printing.

UV printing, on the other hand, is different from traditional printing, the use of the traditional four-color process printing is comparable to the amount of ink resources are very economical.

Finally, the drying method of traditional printing is to spray a layer of powder after printing to form a gap between the paper and paper to prevent ink sticking and accelerate the drying process. Under normal printing procedures, it takes a certain amount of time to dry completely. Compared with traditional printing, UV printing is faster and has a shorter drying time, which greatly improves productivity. In addition, UV printing has better durability and abrasion resistance, even under prolonged use or external friction, the printing effect can remain clear for a long time. It also prevents fading and oxidization of the printed surface, prolonging its life.


Spot Color Magnetic Makeup Palette or Wholesale Custom Magnetic Makeup Palette with UV printing technology will bring you unique visual enjoyment and printing quality in the production of color packaging boxes. With UV printing technology, we can achieve precise control and reproduction of colors, presenting vivid and full effects, and more vivid and realistic colors. Colorich is committed to creating exquisite color boxes for your brand to enhance brand image and product value, and win the trust and praise of consumers.

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