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Colorich Packaging-What is Hot Stamping?

What is hot stamping?

The hot stamping process is based on the principle of hot pressing transfer, the aluminum layer in the electrochemical aluminum is transferred to the substrate surface to form a special metallic effect then achieved by UV curing ink. In the printing industry, hot stamping paper with metallic texture materials is commonly used, we transfer them to paper ,which is called hot stamping, and hot stamping is a general term for the process.

Hot stamping doesn't mean the color is just gold. There are many kinds of hot stamping paper materials, there are also silver, black, red, green and holography colors……

Hot stamping has two main functions:

First, the surface decoration can improve the beauty of the product. The combination of hot stamping , embossing and other processing methods, make the texture of the lines is clear, the picture 3D effect is good, looks high-end and atmospheric, and the product can show a strong decorative effect. Therefore, the hot stamping process is widely used in high-grade, exquisite packaging and decoration trademarks, calendars and book covers and other presswork.

What Is Hot Stamping

What Is Hot Stamping

The second is to give the product a higher anti-counterfeiting performance, such as holographic positioning hot stamping trademark identification. It plays the role of preventing counterfeiting and protecting brand names.At the same time, hot stamping is very able to show the personalized product packaging and safety and environmental protection. Therefore, many high-end packaging are using the hot stamping process.

After hot stamping, the pattern is exquisite and glittering, showing a strong metallic luster, bright colors, never fade, COLORICH PACKAGING(ZHONGSHAN)Co.,LTD is an experienced factory to provide high-quality environmental protection paper packaging for cosmetics, we provide OEM and ODM services for many well-known brands in the domestic and overseas. Such as LANCOME, SHISEIDO, SEPHORA, HUDA BEAUTY. Over the past 24 years, we have worked hard on color cosmetics packaging, and made unremitting pursuit of excellence in technology. The company is committed to becoming a Chinese packaging enterprise with international competitiveness and international reputation.

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