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Quality Issues and Solutions of Printing in Common Cosmetics Packaging AUG 04, 2023

Quality issues and solutions of printing in common cosmetics packaging

Color packaging as a key part of commodity display and protection, Bearing the brand image and publicity effect. However, common printing quality issues of cosmetics packaging is a vexed question. Now, we will introduce some common problems and their solutions to you to ensure perfection printing quality.

Wrinkling during whiteboard printing:

Wrinkling is a common printing quality failure, which not only affects aesthetics but also reduces the quality of packaging. The solution of this problem is to use high-quality whiteboard paper, control the pressure and speed of the printing machine, avoid excessive pressure, Choose the right ink and coating agent, and ensure the adaptability of the materials.

Exposed corrugated impression on the color printing veneer:

Corrugated impression refers to the concave and convex texture of the cardboard can still be seen after the color printing veneer is applied. To solve this problem, We recommend choosing the right printing veneer material and Ensure a uniform and smooth texture. During the production, control the heating time and temperature appropriately to ensure that the veneer can be fully bonded.

Adhesive opening or collapse on the veneer:

Tackless and dent are common problems that shorten the service life of color printing packaging boxes. To avoid this situation, we recommend using high viscosity adhesive and appropriate thickness of veneer materials to ensure that they can be evenly applied and bonded. In addition, during the production, it is important to pay attention to good cardboard making and packaging box assembly techniques to ensure that the veneer does not be tackless and dent caused.

Color fading occurs during post processing and loading/unloading of color printed products:

Color fading is one of the common problems in color printing products, which can affect the appearance quality and brand image of the product. To solve this problem, we recommend choosing high-quality color printing ink and coating agent, and ensuring that the printed matter undergoes sufficient drying time. During post processing and loading and unloading, attention should be paid to avoiding contact with irritating substances to prevent discoloration.

Color packaging boxes are an important reflection of brand image and product quality. Through the above solutions, you can better improve printing quality and ensure the aesthetics and durability of the packaging boxes. Our products such as Wholesale Custom Magnetic Makeup Palette or Makeup Set Gift Box Packaging will not have such problems. Let's work together to create more outstanding color packaging boxes and win more trust and praise for your brand!

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